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News 1-2-2015
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Our selection of Climbers - majority being Clematis is known as being the best in the Derby area.

We are stocked by 2 of the best Climber growers in the UK

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These are just some of the varieties we have in stock - Please call us if there is a climber

you would like but don`t see on this list


Clematis alpina `Albiflora`

Clematis alpina `Rosy Pagoda`

Clematis `Asao`

Clematis `Andromeda

Clematis `Blue Angel`

Clematis `Broughton Bride`

Clematis `Bourbon` (Raymond Evison Clematis)

Clematis `Cassis` NEW !

Clematis `Confetti` NEW !

Clematis `Dorothy Walton`

Clematis `Fond Memories`

Clematis `Fragrant Oberon` NEW! Evergreen / Scented

Clematis `Gabrielle`

Clematis `Haku Ookan`

Clematis `Hagley Hybrid`

Clematis `Jackmanii`

Clematis `Inspiration`

Clematis montana `Fragrant Spring` Scented

Clematis `Lady Northcliffe`

Clematis `Liberation`

Clematis `Mrs N Thompson`

Clematis `Multi-Blue`

Clematis `Nelly Moser`

Clematis `Petit Faucon` (Raymond Evison)

Clematis `Rebecca` (Raymond Evison)

Clematis `Red Pearl`

Clematis `Rosa Koniskind`

Clematis `Ruby Wedding` (NEW)

Clematis `Warsawska Nike`

Clematis `Ville de Lyon`

Clematis `Vyvyen Pennell` (Double)

General Climbers

Hedera Goldheart

Humulus lupinus Aureus

Jasmine stephanense

Lonicera japonica `Halliana`

Lonicera japonica `Mint Crisp`

Passiflora caerulea

Wisteria sinensis

Wisteria sinensis `Alba`










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